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The line of business of Kauppilan Autohajottamo Oy consists of the sale of used lorries and trailers and of the spare parts taken from them. In addition, the company sells used earth-movers. It also offers transport services with skip lorries and low trailers.

The business is located at Ilvesjoki in Jalasjärvi (Finland). It currently employs 10 professionals in the vehicle field. Jukka and Jari Kauppila are carrying on the company that was established by their parents in 1953. Around 300 lorries, trailers and machines are purchased every year; half of them are sold, and the other half is disassembled and sold as spare parts. Around 30% of sales are for export. The market area of the company is practically global.

Recycling works excellently at Kauppilan Autohajottamo Oy; up to 95% of the disassembled lorries are recycled. Toxic waste and recyclable metals are dealt with by specialised treatment plants. The lorries are disassembled in a modern disassembling hall where all liquids are removed from the vehicles with suction equipment. The vehicles to be sold are taken to wait for their new users through a cleaning and fixing line. It is one of the main aims of the company to keep the activity as ecological and environmentally friendly as possible.

The family company is strongly committed to doing its part in influencing climate change positively. The company has produced hydroelectric power since 1992.

The company is leading the way in the vehicle recycling field, running entirely on self-produced, renewable energy.

Vehicle recycling!

We are authorised to receive scrap vehicles. Removing scrap vehicles from the registry is free of charge to the vehicle’s last owner.


Transport services!

We offer transport services with skip trucks and low trailers.
We can also handle wide and high transports.

Kauppilan Autohajottamo Oy
Ilvesjoentie 425
61760 Ilvesjoki, Jalasjärvi

tel. +358 (0)6 456 8800
fax. +358 (0)6 456 8888

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